Work Package 3

Graphene-devices simulation

WP3 will focus on the simulation of electrical responses of Graphene-based devices, by means of Landauer-Büttiker (field effect transistors) and Kubo-Greenwood transport computational frameworks. Ab initio results obtained in WP1 will be used to elaborate accurate effective models, adapted for device simulation with Green's functions formalism as developed at CEA (and implemented within a transport code TB_sim (, Néel Institute (fully first-principles transport code TABLIER [Adessi 2006]) and IEF. The three involved partners will focus on complementary issues, and different levels of energetics modelling: from tight-binding models elaborated from ab initio calculations (IEF and CEA), to first-principles calculations (CEA and Néel Inst.). Numerical simulation will also be contrasted to analytical developments performed at LPS-Orsay. By doing so, in-depth investigation of the true potential of graphene-based devices will be achieved within WP3.

Coordinated by Philippe Dollfus (IEF)


Name E-mail Address Phone Number
François Triozon +33 (0)4 38 78 18 48
Michael Magoga
Philippe Dollfus
Stephan Roche 34 93 586 8244