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Key Member: Fabien Archambault

Phone Number: +33 (0)9 52 45 51 77

Address: 1, rue Saint Aubin 31000 TOULOUSE FRANCE



As of today, the NANOTIMES Company's products are available throughout the world (Europe, Japan, Asia mainly). In their current format, they are especially designed to meet the STM experimentalist's very specific need of simulation tools.

The application fields are many: surface study and characterization, surface defects, adsorption of objects on surface’s materials interface, atomic scale effects in nanoelectronics, molecule reactive site identification etc. Within NANOSIM_GRAPHENE, NANOTIMES will mainly focus on the extension of its existing Nt_STM and Nt_Scholar commercial codes to the characterization of graphene based materials imperfections and new functionalities and the creation of a new STS (Scanning Tunnelling Spectroscopy) feature. The software development for NANOTIMES will include the possibility to simulate:


  • high quality STM images of graphene based materials (using the theoretical input models from workpackage 1) ;
  • new quantum parameters issued from the electronic structure calculations on the adsorption of organic molecules and 2D crystals on graphene ;
  • and a new STS output result


One has to note that NANOTIMES products have been initiated from academic codes developed at CEMES-CNRS laboratory (Toulouse) and in Spain (Madrid). The interaction between NANOTIMES and academic partners has been active for the past eight years. Within NANOSIM_GRAPHENE such interaction will take different form but will certainly remain at a fundamental level. NANOTIMES will benefit from advanced ab initio calculations and derived effective models for the use in STM simulation codes, whereas the consortium will gain in visibility through NANOTIMES marketing and code distribution to its customers, which include university students.

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