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Christina Bena
Jean-Noël Fuchs
Mark Oliver Goerbig
Liviu Bîlteanu
Gilles Montambaux
Frédéric Piechon
Raphaël de Gail


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Key Member: Cristina Bena

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In the theory group at LPS, C. Bena, G. Montambaux, M. Goerbig, J. N. Fuchs and F. Piechon have recently focused extensively on the subject of graphene. C. Bena has studied the LDOS in graphene, from a theoretical perspective, as well as in collaboration with the Néel Institute (Grenoble), Max Planck Institute (Stuttgart) and LPSE (Mulhouse), with already 6 published articles on that subject.  C. Bena is at present one of the specialists in the field of analyzing the STM experiments in graphene, being in contact with many of the groups that study graphene using STM worldwide, thus being well placed to coordinate the WP2 of the NANOSIM_GRAPHENE.

On the other hand, G. Montambaux, as well as M. Goerbig, J. N. Fuchs and F. Piéchon have been focusing on the possibility of the emergence of Dirac cones in other graphene-like materials such as quinoid-type graphene and alpha-(BEDT-TTF)2I3 under pressure. Besides, they have analyzed graphene and the graphene-like materials under a strong magnetic field (in the quantum Hall-regime), with some of the members of the group being recognized as world specialists in the analysis of the quantum Hall effect in graphene.  The LPS group has also explored the possibility to open a gap in the massless Dirac spectrum of graphene by considering the effect of interactions (electron-electron, or electron-phonon) in the presence of a magnetic field. On these subjects, the LPS group has published 11 articles.

On the experimental side, LPS is also focusing on the study of graphene, in particular the group of H. Bouchiat being among the first worldwide to study suspended graphene as well as the proximity-induced effects in graphene.

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