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HAST belongs to the Hanoi University of Technology (Hust), Vietnam. After a PhD and a post-doctoral year (March 2008 – Feb 2009) in the IEF group (under the supervision of P. Dollfus), Do Van Nam is creating in Hanoi a new research group devoted to computational physics. At IEF, he was the first student involved in the simulation of quantum transport in nanodevices within the NEGF formalism and he especially studied the transport in resonant tunnelling diodes and MOSFETs, with emphasis on the shot noise and the effect of phonon scattering. He recently developed at IEF an NEGF approach for solving the Dirac equation in 2D graphene structures and studied the effect of doping impurities and vacancies on conductivity in small graphene structures. His work has been published in several journals as Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters and Journal of Applied Physics.

Back to Hanoi, Do Van Nam will continue developing his research activity in tight collaboration with the IEF group by sharing the codes developed on both sides and by using the IEF computational facilities. Though HAST cannot benefit from the ANR funding, the project NANOSIM_GRAPHENE will be for the young Do's group a unique opportunity to develop formally and extend an international collaboration at the highest scientific level. Additionally, the participation of HAST in the project will offer to the partner IEF the ideal framework to still benefit from the skills acquired in Orsay by Do Van Nam in the physics of quantum transport and its related numerical aspects.

In the project, HAST will be more specifically involved in the tasks related to edge-disorder effects and electron-phonon scattering.

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